Friday, May 20, 2011

Feeling Depressed? Get Motivated and Start Exercising!

It’s amazing how many men and women resort to surgery to help them feel better about themselves, usually because they’re depressed that their bodies don’t look the way they did 25 years ago!

But surely this is inevitable with age, pregnancy and any other natural life changes your body goes through over the years?! More often than not, surgery will repair the physical changes to your body but what about the psychological changes?

A woman in the Daily Mail earlier this week said that she went through the painful procedure of having her eye bags tightened and the skin from her upper eyelids removed, and although she felt looked better when she looked in the mirror – she was still battling with negative emotions.

So what did she do? She started exercising! It was reported in Women’s Fitness earlier this month that regular exercise can be as effective in treating depression as medication (and surgery). The magazine stated that “in a recent study, 150 patients suffering from depression were monitored, half of which took part in 30-45 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week for a period of 12 weeks.

All of the participants continued taking their antidepressants, but those who did not partake in any exercise showed no improvement, whilst the patients who did exercise showed a 26% remission rate.”

So for those people with busy and stressful lifestyles, we can no longer accept that there is simply no time to exercise. Training on a Power Plate machine takes less that 30 minutes and it’s possible to do a full body workout in this short space of time.

The vibrating machines can be found at Fitness Unlimited, Busy Body, Texas Home Fitness, and Winston Fitness in Houston, The Woodlands, Conroe, Spring, Humble, Kingwood, Cypress, Tomball, Clear Lake, Katy, Sugar Land, so why not try it for yourself.

With Power Plate acceleration training, your natural endorphins will fire up leaving a spring in your step as well as your outlook on life

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