Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bring Your Sexy Back

Summer is the season for backless sundresses, halter tops and bikinis. Unfortunately, back fat can creep up on you when you least expect it, and can be a stubborn beast to banish. Exercise Houston breaks down ways you can keep your back sexy this summer.

Spot sculpting works – focus on a particular muscle group and practice exercises that will firm up that area. Perform back exercises at least three days per week, always allowing a day of rest in between for recovery.

1) Lunge Rows: Using a 10- or 15-pound hand-weight in one hand, get into a lunge position and hinge forward from your hips, not your spine. Pull the weight up to torso-level in a rowing or sawing motion and slowly lower back to the starting position. Your back is typically one of the stronger upper body muscles so don’t be shy about increasing your weight.

2) Lat Pull-downs: Using a wide bar on the Lat Pull-down Machine, hold it with a wide comfortable grip and secure your knees underneath the pad. Pull the bar down to chest level. Extend your arms back to the top, and repeat. Try three sets of 12 lat pull-downs.

3) Reverse Flys: This is the perfect muscle group to target for reducing “bra bulge.” Choose five- to 10-pound weights and begin in a seated position with feet flat, and arms hanging down at your sides. Keep your abs tight, lift both arms horizontally outward and squeeze the shoulder blades together, slowly returning back to the start position. Try three sets of eight to 10 reverse flies.

Don't forget... The trick to spot sculpting is being realistic – if you have overall body fat to lose, your back fat is not going to magically disappear. Get serious about your cardio routine and diet, and remember that it takes 3,500 calories to gain a pound, and 3,500 less calories to burn it. Even 10 minutes of exercise can make a difference!

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