Friday, June 3, 2011

Men’s Health Magazine Proves Vibration Training Builds More Muscle

While the likes of Mark Wahlberg and footballer David James praise the effects of Power Plate as part of their fitness regime, there are still many men out there who don’t believe in the power of vibration training. So imagine Exercise Houston’s excitement when Men’s Health published a study showing that using a Power Plate machine WILL actually help to build muscle!

A team at the University of Oklahoma used gym volunteers to test the stress on their muscles using a vibrating platform, before traditional exercise. Researchers found that “stressing your muscles for a few seconds on a vibrating platform, such as a Power Plate, before lifting a weight can temporarily increase your strength, upping your lifting capacity and leading to more muscle gain in a shorter time.”

For all of the guys out there who are still puffing and panting away on a home gym while trying to increase your lifting capacity the traditional way, why not try out the Power Plate machine to warm up your muscle for an accelerated workout?!

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