Monday, June 13, 2011

Circuit Train Your Way to Better Glutes!

Our glute muscles have the potential to be the strongest muscle in our body, giving us the power to lift boxes, carry heavy bags up stairs, run, jump and play. The more we use these muscles, the more powerful they become.

It’s important to burn the fat that covers glute muscles to shed the extra padding, so cardio exercise should be incorporated into butt-busting workouts. The experts at Exercise Houston share the following circuit routines that start with strength and ends with bursts of cardio.

Begin the circuit workout with:
- 15 alternating lunges per leg, completed while holding five- to 10-pound hand weights.
- Without rest, transition from lunges to wide squats, and complete 15 in a row.

Finish the circuit with:
- One minute of plyometric split jumps to give your heart rate a big boost.
- Repeat this circuit one more time and you’ll be on your way to a toned backside!

Next, try:
- 10 to 15 cross chop squats, alternating the squats in each direction.
- Without rest, transition to a side leg lift and perform10 to 15 on each leg, and

Finish off the circuit with:
- One minute of squat thrusts or jumping jacks.
- Complete two rounds of this circuit and you’ll definitely be feeling the backside burn.

For more experienced exercisers... Try performing single leg squats – research shows that this exercise recruits more glute muscles than many other exercises. It also helps you improve balance and stability.

There are many ways to firm your buns with circuits! By following a circuit workout that involves both strength and cardio, you’ll develop a tighter, firmer backside by burning off that extra layer of fat. As always, eating a clean diet of lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, and drinking plenty of water will help you stay trim and melt the fat.

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